X04 - Dragon's Symphony of Lights Set 4


82 shots of 20 and 25mm varied multicolored peony, crackling, and chrysanthemum effects, 288 30mm vertical shots of a combination of our finest products, 50 shots of silver star clusters fired in side-to-side wiper formation, 50 shots 5-directional 10-rows of crackling willows w/ dahlias, 36 shots of double-W strobing peony combinations, 42 pcs. premium 50mm round peony shells with peony to strobing effects and titanium flowers, 113 shots 3” caliber multicolored peony shells with glitter cores and golden crown brocades, multicolored chrysanthemums, tracing coco palms, and colors to crown brocades.

Ships in 14 modules.
Estimated duration: 8-10 minutes

Video not available.

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