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Not all fireworks are created equal.

Dragon Fireworks Incorporated, the Philippines' number one manufacturer, exporter, and dealer of professional display, consumer, and indoor fireworks, boasts the widest array of pyrotechnic effects in the country. Superior pyrotechnic technologies, best design concepts, the finest raw materials, modern manufacturing facilities, international pyrotechnic consultants, innovative product engineers, rigid product testing and stringent quality control supervision guarantee only the finest pyrotechnic products.

Our products shoot higher, bigger, and safer than any alternative in the market.  We employ many of the world's cutting-edge digital firing systems, deploying the best firing system for whichever best suits the job at hand.

Dragon Fireworks is the gold standard of the Philippine fireworks industry, upon which other brands are compared to.  It is the brand trusted and used by the most number of professional display operators in the Philippines.  Unlike other brands, DFI's products are PHILIPPINE MADE.  Compare the intensity of our colors, the duration of our stars, and the number of effects we include in every fireworks burst to other brands and see the difference.

Dragon Fireworks also offers a wide variety of indoor pyrotechnics, special effects and professional confetti. We use only non-staining and flame-resistant confetti, posing zero risk in staining or creating unwarranted fire incidents. Offerings include low-lying fog, cryogenic jets, high output bubble storms, snow, fire effects, fire writing, pyro waterfalls, ice candles, confetti blizzards, stage mines, stage flash, bangers, colored smoke, and many more!

We have all kinds of fireworks displays and special effects to suit your budget. From the simplest of birthdays, to the most elaborate of weddings, for spectacular corporate events, or the grandest of celebrations, there can only be one choice: Dragon Fireworks!

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